Monday, July 18, 2005

Things that Irk me!!

  • People that think babies have to be trained like Dogs and make their kids CIO, or even go as low as following ‘To Train up a child” by the Pearls.. (I can’t believe that kids are subjected to such abuse!) So many people actually think that this is "god's" way to raise a child... with "Obedience Training" (really they even use that term) ...the jist of it... whenever a child does something swat them and they will associate pain with doing the "bad" thing so finally they won't do it anymore... in other words beat into submission...
  • People that try to convert me
  • People that think Ezzo has anything good to say
  • People that read books about parenting but never just listen to their own child
  • People that believe everything the doctor says even though it is proven wrong and contradicts all research out there..
  • People that beleive their doctor but ignore their childs needs (especially about night feeding)
  • People that think there is a difference between CIO methods (modified CIO, "fuss it out" Ferber, Ezzo etc)
  • People that make up excuses just because they don't want to say the true reason for something because they don't want to look bad... This irks me especially with something like breastfeeding because the excuses that some people use can really hurt someone elses nursing relationship...
  • People that say they are going to do something and don't do it
  • People that are late
  • Bad Drivers
  • People that don't let others speak their mind, or even don't let people be happy about something justbecause they don't want to feel guilty about their decisions
  • My mother
  • People that always compare my kids with others
  • Family members that play favorites with kids
  • Mainstream parenting books and magazines
  • Formula Companies
  • Nestle

More to come....


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