Saturday, November 26, 2005

Can't make any excuses....

Cleaning up the playroom we found the recumbant bicycle... not that the 150 pound thing was really lost it was just conveniantly out of the way... Simon asked me what I wanted to do with it.. I told him that we could put it away cause I don't get the chance to use it much... he looked at me and said... 'No, guess what... every night after supper when you want to go on the computer you are going to do at least 5 min"
I can't get around it... no excuse will work... I have been putting it off and I shouldn't make excuses... When I bought it I was actively losing weight, and I started with 5 min every 2-3 days and within a month I was doing 30 min every morning...
Thanks for the kick in the but sweetie!!


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