Sunday, August 21, 2005

Quiet but Eventful weekend...

We stayed home this weekend and cleaned the house and just hung out with the kids... It was a pretty quiet weekend, It rained most of the weekend anyways so it felt good to stay in... This morning I went down stairs to check the garden and left the kids in the house with Simon... I forgot to close the gate behind me cause I was sure that they would stay inside but Simon came out to talk to me and Colin and Xavier followed... Of course Colin headed straight for the stairs (6 Concrete stairs) and all we saw was the little body at the top disapear... I got to him within a second of the fall and held him close and brought him inside... My hands felt all over him to make sure he was OK and Xavier just kept on telling me that Colin wanted Maju (to nurse) and I promptly gave Comin the breast while I kept on examining him... Besides a a little red scape on his shoulder we couldn't find anything else wrong and within a minute or two he was up and walking and back to his old self... This kid is Resiliant! After Supper tonight we went to a park on the Water side and took some pics and had fun...


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