Monday, August 01, 2005

Same old Gripe....

What do people expect from these babies... I am SO SICK!!! of hearing about babies Crying themselves to sleep... it is SICK!! People seem to have this idea that kids need to learn to self-soothe and that night wakings and having trouble falling asleep by themselves are just bad habits and their kids are just manipulating them... Yeah.. big Manipulation!! They are crying out because they want some warm and tender time and help to fall asleep from the person that they love the most... (I better tell my DH to back off when he cuddles me at night cause that is plain manipulation)
And night wakings... Oh yeah that doctor knows best saying that a 10 month old could not be possibly nursing for any other reason then comfort (and of course needing comfort is wrong and a bad habit... we all want to be alone and uncomforted for the rest of our lives right?) What about hunger? what about thirst? What the Heck does a doctor know about a babies needs, and why the heck is comfort such an awful thing to want...
It really makes me sick to know that parents out there care for their kids yet beleive that they are manipulative little creatures that need to be trained like dogs and need to be taught at as soon as possible that the world is a cold and lonely place and that some needs are just not good enough to be met (emotional being the biggest)... Why do people think that so many adults repress their feelings, are stressed and have emotional needs that have never been met by the people that they loved the most and trusted the most as young children... Why is it that people have so many trust issues?

Well... this will be continued soon because at the moment I am being called to nurse my two beautiful boys to sleep...


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