Friday, August 05, 2005

Going Batty ;)

I was getting ready to go into the pool and just grabbing the towels that were on the line and then saw one that had fallen on the stairs... so I go to pick it up and I here a real high pitch sound that sounded like the beetles we have in the spring that try to get in out house so I thought one of them was in there… then the towel was moving... so I think…. Hmmmmm…. That must be a big bug!
So I move the towel to let the bug out and then I see some thing huddled in the corner of the towel... At first I thought it was a mouse or something but then it turned its head and screamed at me and I realized that it was a bat!! So I cover the thing back up again and start breathing again... I'm not scared of bats per-say I just wasn't prepared to have one scream at me at that particular moment... ya know?
So I go swimming, breathe a bit and then went to open the towel again to see if it was OK.. It was already on the stairs at that point and I took a few pics... I went in the house for a few secs and when I came back out it had disappeared... so hopefully it was just stunned... I guess it had flown into the towel during the night and made it fall...


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