Sunday, June 19, 2005

LLL Conference

I went to the LLL Conference in Montreal Yestersday and it was fun... I took 3 "classes" that I thought would be interesting and fun... Baby-wearing, Tandem Nursing and Homeschooling... I got to the Baby wearing class and the girl was just another Mom that loves babywearing (which is great) but the problem was that I knew more about babywearing than her... So a few of the things that people has questions about I answered... I didn't learn anything about babywearing except that I should start giving classes too which I think I will bring up as an idea at the CLSC Tuesday when I give the Prenatal...

The Tandem nursing class was pretty much a summary of the Book "Adventures In Tandem Nursing" which seemed to be a big discovery to her because it hasn't been published in French... However, I have read it cover to cover a few times so again I didn't really get to learn anything new... but it was fun to meet other Tandem nursing Moms...

The third class... Homeschooling was the best... It was inspirational and It confirmed by decision to Homeschool... I couldn't have asked for more...
The thing that stuck with me the most was that on average a Homeschooling student does about 1 and 1/2 hours of school work a day (about the average homework time of any other student)and not only that but that with 1 and 1/2 hours of work a day an average student can finish the school year in about 4 months!
There was a women in the group that was there to know more because she often got questions about homeschooling but was completly against the idea and at the end she said that she understood things in a very different light now..
Anyways... it was great and very informative...
So the day wasn't a loss... and I got to show off my beautiful Ellaroo and I got proffesional pics taken free with Colin.... (can't wait to see them!)


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