Saturday, August 06, 2005

World Breastfeeding Week

What can I say... there is nothing comparable to Breastmilk and couldn't Imagine not breastfeeding the boys...
I don't know if I would have believed someone if they told me that I would be Tandem nursing a 3 yo and an almost 1 year old but I wouldn't have it different now!

I was not breasfed and it does make me sad, I feel like I missed out on something..
For World Breastfeeding Week I send out my best wishes to everyone that is breastfeeding or has breastfed...

My hopes for the Future:

That Breastfeeding will become the norm
That Formula companies will be made to back off
That all women that want to Breastfeed will get the support they need
That Doctors and Nurses will become informed and less ignorant
That Breastfeeding will no longer be seen as "gross"
That NIP will be a norm and will no longer be a Taboo
That Formula would only be availible to those who can't Breastfeed
That People that have something mean to say would just not say it
That Breastfeeding won't be blamed for everything anymore (Colic etc)

Here are my Medals that I wear Proudly!
Sapphire (3 Years) / Gold (1 Year) (Colin is a bit more then 11 months but I believe I deserve the 1 year one) and the Purple Medal is for the rough Start I had with Colin


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