Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Update on Pre-natal and babywearing....

The Pre-natal went pretty well last night… there where 5 couples that where all ears but one couple in particular…
When asked at the beginning if they where wanting to breastfeed this couple said that yes they would but would like to express to have daddy have a chance to have that bond too… So I made a point of explaining all of the things that Daddy can so even if he doesn’t nurse… (skin to skin, walking, burping, cuddling, bathing) and it seemed to make sense to him… The whole time I was talking this guy had a big smile and was nodding… During the break they told me that they have read a lot of breastfeeding and that all the things they have read where confirmed and they learned many more things… I told them that if they want to succeed they have to go into it saying that they are going to do it… and told them how when I was pregnant I decided that nothing was going to stop me from breastfeeding and I wouldn’t let myself be set up for any disaster so all bottles and samples where thrown out of the house… When I said that A light lit up in this guys face, and right away he said that that was such a great idea… that having samples around just makes it so much easier for then to be used and for something to hinder the breastfeeding relationship… and that if you have to go out and get Formula you might think about it a bit more… (I really think that the samples they have are going to be leaving the house LOL)
Another thing they asked me about was Vit D… I told them that I have never given Vit D and that it depends on the school of thought… Though the Canadian Paediatric Society recomeds it… the actual fact is that it is a blanket recommendation that really doesn’t have too much weight especially in a fair skinned child born in the summer..

Another cool thing that happened was that the nurse asked me if I had brought my wrap and Sling because she really wanted to show it off and show off the way I wear my baby.... I told her that I have been thinking about giving some classes a the “Carrefour” and she thought it was a great idea and is going to talk to her boss about me being the “official” resource is the region… She even told me that she has gotten a few questions about babywering from people that have seen me in Public and she knew they where talking about me because they described my Ellaroo!
I am still waiting for the answer from “Maman Kangourou” but I am pretty sure to become a retailer and that way I can teach and sell…


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