Thursday, June 23, 2005

Watermelon and Blue Lips....

Isabelle came over with the 3 girls Today... 5 kids under the age of 5 can make you very dizzy!
We stayed in the house for a few minutes when they got here and then made our way to the park... the kids really had a lot of fun and We all got back to the house Starving... We made Wraps with BBQed Chicken, Zucchini, Yellow, red and orange peppers and coucous, a great spinach Salad and homemade Raisin-Bran Muffins and tons of Watermelon that turned out to be suprisingly sweet! Gabrielle (4 1/2) had about 6-7 slices of Watermelon and could have went for more!
After Lunch the kids wanted to go in the pool! Kids are Crazy!!! Today was a windy and cloudy 21 degrees (70) and the water was the the same temp at 21 (70) OMG it was freezing!!! their Lips turned blue but were full of smiles so the cold water was well worth it!!
Anyways... it is Raining now, everyone is gone and Xavier doesn't want to nap.. I think he is getting at the age that nap time is starting to become an opitional thing... I just hope that sleep will come easily tonight...

As for the buisness stuff... I have a phone meeting with Suzanne from DT tommorrow morning and I got an E-mail this morning from the lady at Maman Kangourou asking about the region that I would like to work in to make sure they don't have any other representatives and thankfully they don't so I would be the first!! I really think that it is going to work out... I would be so happy if it did... I would love for babywearing to become more known around here..
Well.. Tomorrow is my meeting and then I am off to my cousins 3rd Birthday (I really am NOT in the mood) and it is St-Jean tommorow (Provincial holiday) and I am not looking forward to having drunks on the road while I make my way back tomorrow night with my family in tow...


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